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Dominica Customs & Excise Division


Roderick Deschamps
Comptroller of Customs.

I wish to welcome you to the official website of the Customs and Excise Division.This website includes information on the customs and other procedural requirements for interacting with our processes and complying with the rules and regulations under which we operate.



1. All gold and silver articles of foreign manufacture bearing imitations of British assay Marks, and all gold and silver articles bearing marks purporting to be such marks but which are below the standard indicated by the marks

2. Coin of legal tender in Dominica or any coin purporting to be such, not being of the established standard in weight and fineness.

3. Articles of food intended for human consumption declared by the Ministry responsible for public health to be unfit for such purpose

4. Indecent or obscene prints, paintings, photographs, books cards, lithographic or other engraving or any other indecent or obscene articles.

5. Infected cattle, sheep, or other animals or their carcasses, hides , skins, horns, hoofs or any other parts, the importations of which may be prohibited by the ministry responsible for agriculture in order to prevent the introduction or spread of any communicable disease.

6. Any pistol or other apparatus in the form of a stylographic pen or pencil capable of firing any kind of shot or cartridge , and any cartridge for such a pistol or apparatus containing tear gas.

7. Any goods bearing the Coat of Arms of Dominica or Coat of Arms of any other country or Coat of Arms so closely resembling such Coat of Arms as to be calculated to deceive , unless the manufacturer of such goods holds the appropriate Government’s authority to use such Coat of Arms in connection with his trade, business calling or profession.

8. Fictitious stamps and any die, plate, instrument or materials capable of making any such stamps.

9. Goods, the importation of which is prohibited by any other enactment E


1. Goods, the exportation of which is prohibited by any other enactment



A Competent and innovative Organisation dedicated to delivering effective and efficient service to our clients in keeping with established standards and best practice

To Ensure Compliance with all Customs legislation through the provision of appropriate information, quality service and targeted enforcement in a professional manner for the benefit of the Commonwealth of Dominica

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