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Non-commercial goods are items that are imported and not intended for resale. These include barrels, tubs, or small boxes said to contain

food, clothing, shoes,cosmetics and other personal effects entering the country via sea or air up to a maximum value of XCD

$4,075.35 When duty is to be collected on non-commercial Declaration will need to be completed. This document may also be referred to

as a Bill of Lading or Waybill and will be provided by a shipping agent who will instruct you as to which Customs Location your items can be

cleared from.


Details of the Simplified Declaration to be inserted by the importer include:

    • Description of the items

    • Total cost to import (Item price + freight + insurance)

    • Importers name, signature and date




To clear goods:

  • Collect documents from the agent (waybill/simplified declaration, invoices etc)

  • Complete simplified declaration (Shown on Right) 

  • Proceed to DASPA Tailgate Area to pay storage fees and locate items

  • Present items and documents to Customs officer for examination

  • Upon examination, the Customs Officer will record examination results on the simplified declaration

    and direct you to an S.A.D Officer/Cashier for assessment and payment of duties.

  • The assessment and collection of revenue will be executed using the ASYCUDA system

  • After payment of duties return to examinations officer with receipt and release order to authorize

    release of cargo

  • Present signed release order to DASPA staff to obtain delivery

  • DASPA security will verify delivery slip with reference number on packages at the gate.


The “Di Minimis” System

The clearances of non-commercial COURIER consignments by shipping agents imported into Dominica by air are subjected to the “Di Minimis” system. The

“Di Minimis” system states that non-commercial goods which arrive in Dominica and have a declared or assessed CIF (Cost Freight Insurance) value of

$150.00 XCD or less shall be released to the shipping agent during the sorting process of cargo with no duties deemed payable. The system is aimed

towards buyers of online retail products. This regime does not apply to alcoholic and tobacco products and is limited to only the Air Cargo Shed located at

the Woodbridge Bay, Roseau and the Douglas Charles Airport. Persons whose goods have been retained by Customs through the sorting process are

asked to bring along a PRINTED invoice when coming to clear any cargo.



The Process:

Clearing non-commercial goods in Dominica is a simple and straight forward process. Persons clearing goods at various ports have to mindful of the

different organizations and the role that they play in the goods clearance procedure.


The main ports of entry into Dominica are:

Air Ports:

  • Douglas Charles Airport

  • Canefield Airport

Sea Ports:

  • Deep Water Harbour, Fond Cole

  • Roseau Ferry Terminal

  • Longhouse, Portsmouth

  • Anse De Mai Port



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