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commercial imports

Commercial Goods Clearance Procedure

When duty is to be collected on commercial, high value or goods otherwise specified by Customs, a Detailed

needs to be completed by a Broker or Tariff Clerk in the ASYCUDA system.


To clear goods:

  • Collect documents from shipping agent

 Step 1:   Assessment

  • Broker prepares and assesses Detailed Declaration using ASYCUDAWorld

 Step 2:   Payment

  • Payment of import declarations can be done at any authorised customs office except the Parcel Post Office

  • If using a prepayment account assessment and payment are done simultaneously, there is no need to go to a Customs Cashier

  • The Importer or Broker may advise the Customs Cashier of their Declarant or Consignee code and assessment reference number and tender the

    amount assessed. If requested the Importer or Broker must present an assessment notice or any other documents to the customs cashier.

 Step 3:  Release

  • ASYCUDAWorld assigns declarations to Examining Officers after payment

                - If the declaration is assigned to the Blue / Green Lane, a broker or the chief examiner can print the release order.

                - If Yellow, only documentary examination will be executed. 

                - If Red, both documentary and physical examination will be executed.

  • The broker will be notified via ASYCUDAWorld email when release order is ready or if there are any queries or if any further documents are required.
  • Once satisfied officer will issue release order

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