General Customs Questions

What does Customs & Excise Division Do?

The Customs & Excise Division is a division of the Ministry of Finance.  Its responsibilities are:

  • Collection of revenue
  • Protection of revenue
  • Facilitation of Trade
  • Safeguarding society through Border control
  • Provision of Trade Statistics

Where can I find Customs?

Customs & Excise Division offices can be found at all Air and Sea Ports on the island:

Air Ports:

  • Melville Hall Airport
  • Canefield Airport

Sea Ports:

  • Deep Water Harbour, Fond Cole
  • Roseau Ferry Terminal
  • Portsmouth
  • Anse De Mai

What is the difference between Dominica Air and Sea Port Authority (DASPA) or commonly known as the "port" and Customs?

The Dominica Air & Sea Port Authority (DASPA) is responsible for running all ports of entry on the island.  They are the custodians of all cargo entering Dominica and are a separate entity from the Customs & Excise Division.


Where can I get general information on Customs?

General information can be obtained by visiting the Customs Website at





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