Role Of Customs

There is very little manufacturing activity in Dominica, and as a result, the economy is heavily dependent on Taxes, Agriculture, and Tourism.

The Commonwealth of Dominica’s “Customs and Excise Division” is one of the Government's oldest departments. We have been an ever-evolving organization adapting to meet the varying needs of a small but energetic Nation. Faced with the responsibility of collecting the bulk of the tax revenue is an immense never-ending challenge.  As being one of the key revenue collectors, we make a major contribution to Dominica’s ability to achieve its objectives as the much-needed revenue facilitates the ability to make important investments in the development of the country. 

Trade Administration and Trade Facilitation is also a key role for the CED, ensuring a level playing field for business by ensuring that duties and taxes are paid as required. Finally but perhaps most importantly, the CED protects Dominica and its citizens from the effects of smuggling and contraband and is a partner in the fight against crime, money laundering, and terrorism.

 The goals of the CED includes, among others:

  • Collection of revenue
  • Protection of revenue
  • Facilitation of Trade
  • Safeguarding society through border control
  • Provision of import and export data
  • Sustenance of an efficient Risk Management System
  • Conducting Post Audits
  • Carrying out agency functions on behalf of other government departments and agencies to include detention of agricultural products, firearms and ammunition, wildlife, pornographic materials, and other prohibitions and restrictions.
  • Playing a pivotal role in combating the illicit drug trade and related criminal activity including money laundering by virtue of the presence of Customs Officers at the border.


Our Vision

"A Competent and innovative Organisation dedicated to delivering effective and efficient service to our clients in keeping with established standards and best practice"


Our Mission

"To Ensure Compliance with all Customs legislation through the provision of appropriate information, quality service, and targeted enforcement in a professional manner for the benefit of the Commonwealth of Dominica"

Our Values and Principles

Effective customs administration rests on the fundamental notion that duties and taxes are collected fairly and indiscriminately for the overall economic and social benefit of the citizens of the country. The citizens of Dominica have the right to expect a high degree of integrity in customs administration and a system that is fair and responsive to their needs. This we believe encourages all to fully declare and to pay their due share. The public must trust that the administration will be fair and firm, and transactions handled with the utmost professionalism and integrity. The following values and principles underpin the actions of not only the CED but of each and every official in its employ.

  • Accountability – The staff of the CED will shoulder personal responsibility for the achievement of the Division’s objectives, deliver the highest quality of service, and are devoted to pursue ingenious methods to enhance performance
  • Integrity – The staff of the CED will act with impartiality in pursuit of the maximum outcomes for the Customs, and the uppermost impact for the Commonwealth of Dominica
  • Transparency – The staff of the CED will unwaveringly display openness as well as the temperament to accept public inquiry in their delivery of services
  • Professionalism – The staff of the CED will commit to serving the trading community with resilience and diplomacy. We are devoted to working proficiently while demonstrating the highest standards of competency in the execution of our duties.

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