Benefits of Asycuda World

  1. Allows for 24/7 online access to declaration processing and other system resources
  2. Speeds up the assessment of customs declarations
  3. Significantly reduces transaction time for payment and release of cargo
  4. Improves accountability for revenue collection and cargo consignments
  5. Limits discretionary powers of Customs Officials
  6. Facilitates the use of risk management and selectivity principles
  7. Encourages voluntary compliance by importers
  8. Provides for real-time reporting and generation of statistics on demand
  9. Provides an opportunity for other administrations to interact with customs more efficiently: Bureau of standards and other administration who provide permits and licenses.
  10. Increases efficiency of record-keeping problems of lost declarations and paper invoices
  11. Encourages the modernization of customs by providing: opportunities for alternative payment options eg prepayments, credit encourages activities with larger companies

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